Sang Jamir

I still remember when I first met Sangla Jamir in our College, Aizawl on June 2017. She came from Dimapur, Nagaland. She is a chubby and inncocent lady.  She is studying Master of Theology (Religion Deparment) in our College. She was born on 15 May. 

When I first met Asang, I reallized my ex-girl friend those who damn me! I really love her so much and I try to forget many times. But, when I saw Asang, I remember again my ex-gril friend!

In the month of June 2017, I and Asang and 4 of our friends were sitting together in our hostel mess table during the whole month of June. The more I see Asang the more I remember my ex-girlfriend! She was also the supporter of Chelsea FC as like as my ex- grilfriend!

We have Social work on every Thursday afternoon. We are separated in different groups. Sometime I and Asang were working together in same group. As usuallly the ladies distributed water for men in their respective groups and Asang also distributed water for us. Asang always remained me again my ex- girl friend.

Sometime I approached Asang and ask her something, she replied me with smiling and innocent, I am very happy and she takes away my pain from my ex- girl friend!

Asang did not know my past life and I don't want to tell her my story because I think that if I tell her my past life and my feelings while I see her, she will has a negative feelings and not comfort her studies life the whole year. 

But, before she leaves our College, I want to tell her my feelings and how she look so much like my ex -girlfriend. Now she had almost finished her studies.

I wish her to have a good result from our College and to have a good ministry in her whole life. 

I know that my English construction is very bad. But if write in Mizo, Asang will not understand what I say. This is only for Asang.

Dear Asang,

I will pray for you  for your future ministry and God will use you to extend His reign  and to proclaim His glory.  I wish you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you now and forvever. 
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