30.9.2018: Esther R Fanai 

US Army te hi eng ti kawng zawng pawh in ralthuam an nei tha , 
Apache Helicopters, AH-64Eb ho chu emergency retrofits pal tlang tur a tih an ni . Eng dang vang ni lo in  “strap pack nuts” a rotary blades
te chuan boruak leh tui al an dawn thin vang in , an daih hun chhung aia rei a daih lo ang tih hlauh thawn vang a ni . Major General William Gayler, the commander of both the Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker, Alabama, chuan Cold War hnu leh 2040's thleng Apache ho hi an la hmang dawn tih a tar lang ,long-range assault UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter hi thlak an rilruk bawk . 2019 budget request, the US Army chuan AH-64E helicopters 14 chu $285 million in lei an rilruk , hei bakah hian, remanufactured AH-64Es , 48 chu 
$928 million  in lei tel an tum bawk 

 #A U.S. Army Boeing AH-64E Apache from the 1st Battalion, 229th Aviation Regiment, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade

#A UH-60 Black Hawk from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of United States Army Europe.

#A U.S. Army AH-64A Apache aboard USS Nassau during Joint Shipboard Weapons and Ordnance training
( Source : War History Online )

Ralthuam leh Tunlai Khawvel

Ralthuam leh Tunlai Khawvel 


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