Nurse-te'n Aizawlah kawng an zawh

Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) bultumin nimin khan India rama state hrang hrangah nurse-te'n kawngzawh, Nurses Central Rally huaihawt a ni a; Aizawlah pawh TNAI Mizoram State Branch huai­hawtin kawng an zawh.
Kawngzawh hi Mizo High School Indoor Hall kawt aṭanga ṭanin, Lal Thanhawla Auditorium thleng an kal a, nurse leh nursing zirlai 1,100 vel an tel.
Kawng zawhtute hi au rual loin an kal a, an thil duh leh phut chi hrang hrang ziahna an keng lang thung. Kawngzawh tàwpna, Lal Thanhawla Auditorium-ah inkhawm tawi an buatsaih.
Nurse-te kawngzawh ṭannah hian TNAI Mizoram president Lalremmawii'n thu a sawi a; Lal Thanhawla Auditorium-a a khârna inkhawmah Mizoram College of Nursing principal Lalchhanhimi'n thu a sawi a, TNAI Mizoram secretary Lal­rinhlui kaihhruaiin resolution pass a ni.
Kawngzawh chhan leh resolution
qHlawh chungchangah, sorkar laipui hnuaia nurse-te hlawh ang leh hamṭhatna dang (allowance) dawn ang state hrang hrang sorkar hnuaia nurse-te hlawhtir leh dawntir ve.
qMizoram sorkara nurse leh post dang ṭhenkhata post ruak eng emaw zat awm - staff nurse post 107, ward superintendent (sister) 40, public health nurse 11, tutor post 2, principal (MCON) 1, health worker 116, health supervisor 106 leh community health officer 20-te hnawhkhah.
qIndian Nursing Council (INC)-in a duan angin, nurse pakhartin damlo a enkawl zat tur bithliah anga kal. (INC Norms-ah ward pangngaiah staff nurse pakhatin damlo pathum leh ward superintendent-in damlo 25 an enkawl tur a ni a; ICU leh cardiology-ah staff nurse pakhatin damlo pakhat, casualty/emergency-ah nurse pahnihin damlo pathum, operation theatre-ah nurse pathumin damlo pakhat leh OPD-ah nurse pakhatin damlo 100 an enkawl tur a ni.)
qSorkara a ngheta thawk ni lo, contract-a nurse lâk leh thawhtir leh nurse outsourcing tihtawp.
qJanuary 29, 2016-a Supreme Court thupek anga private hospital/clinic-a thawk nurse-te a tlem berah thla khatah Rs. 20,000 hlawhtir; nurse-te hna thawh hun chhung mumal zawka siamsak, leave neihtir ve, medical facility, transportation, accommodation, etc. pek.
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Mizoram nurses join nationwide protest
Staff Reporter
Aizawl, Aug 23: Hundreds of trained nurses took to streets in Aizawl today joining the nationwide protest rally called by Trained Nurses' Association of India to press for their 11-point charter of demands.
Mizoram state branch of the Trained Nurses' Association of India submitted a memorandum to the state government demanding equal salaries and allowances to all trained nurses under the state government with those working under the central government, filling up of vacancies, appointment of nurses in proportion to patient load and discontinuation of recruitment of staff nurses on contract basis or on minimal salary.
“A wide and innumerable disparities of salaries of nurses in the states seems to irrelevant and thus all states including Mizoram should follow central government pay and allowance of nurses for the nurses recruited in the state,” the memorandum said.
Demanding filling up of posts, the memorandum pointed out that there are 107 posts for staff nurses, 40 for ward superintendents, 11 for public health nurses, 116 for health workers, 106 for health supervisors and 20 for health community officers lying vacant under the state government.
Association leaders said trained nurses in private hospitals were paid paltry salaries, drawing a minimum daily wage of Rs 250-350.
The Mizoram unit TNAI had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court in 2011, seeking welfare of nurses by enhancing their salary structure and working conditions.
The apex court issued a notice to the Centre and all the state governments in 2013, following which a committee was constituted under the ministry of health and family welfare in 2016 to study the pay structure and working conditions of nurses. The committee, based on information collected from states, submitted a report in June 2016, pointing out glaring anomalies in the pay structure and pathetic working condition of nurses across the country.
The nurses’ leaders said the committee recommended that nurses working in a 200-bed private hospital should draw a salary on a par with that drawn by nurses under the state government for a corresponding grade.
They said a nurse working in a private hospital having more than 100 beds should get a salary not less than 10 per cent of that drawn by a state government nurse and not less than 25 per cent in case of a 50-100-bed hospital. The salary given to a nurse should not be less than Rs 20,000 per month even in 50-bed private hospitals, she added.
Working conditions such as leaves, working hours, medical facilities, transportation and accommodation should be on a par with the benefits granted to state government nurses working in the respective states and Union territories, she added.
They said the Mizoram government had constituted an eight-member expert committee on October 28, 2016 to formulate guidelines for the benefit of nurses working in private hospitals and institutions but the matter did not proceed further despite repeated appeals.

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